WOW!! Business Intelligence Analyst Salary In 2023

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary – In the current era, business decision making for companies cannot be separated from technology and data. Therefore, of course you need a professional who is skilled at implementing technology for business analysis purposes. We know this professional as a business analyst.

Both from a business and data science perspective, working as a business analyst is a profession that has quite good prospects for MinDi friends to pursue. How could it not be, companies need to utilize data in determining business decisions, such as improving services, improving product quality, or changing prices. That’s why it’s important for MinDi friends to know about the business analyst profession.

In this article, MinDi will help MinDi friends find out what a business analyst is. MinDi friends will also know the responsibilities of a business analyst, along with the prospects for this job! At the end, MinDi will also tell you how to become a business analyst.

What is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst is a professional whose job is to help business companies make important decisions through data analysis. In the analysis, a business analyst will interact a lot with the data team to obtain insights that may be useful for decision making.

Professionally, business analysts must be able to act as a liaison between stakeholders and other technology development teams.

In some companies, business analysts have several other titles whose roles and duties are not much different, such as management analyst, financial analyst, or market research analyst. Even though the scope of work may be different, these professions both provide recommendations for company decision making based on data analysis.

What does a Business Intelligence Analyst do?

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

Basically, a business analyst’s job is to provide recommendations to stakeholders based on insights from data obtained by the company. However, there are several tasks that business analysts usually carry out to encourage company success.

The following are some of the duties and responsibilities generally carried out by a business analyst.

  • • Analyzing data: even though the company you work for has a data analyst, a business analyst usually collects and analyzes business data to identify certain patterns or trends.
  • • Analyzing business needs: by conducting in-depth analysis, a business analyst will identify business requirements or needs, such as budget, and propose solutions to meet these needs.
  • • Analyzing business processes: business analysts will also evaluate the business processes that have been carried out, and determine the weaknesses and strengths of these processes. Then the business analyst will create a new, more efficient process.
  • • Identifying business risks and opportunities: when a company wants to create a certain policy, stakeholders will ask a business analyst to review the risks and opportunities of the policy. Business analysts may also be asked for recommendations regarding the policies that will be made.
  • • Make reports and presentations: the business analyst must summarize the analysis findings in the form of a report, then present the results of the analysis to stakeholders.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary Prospects

Business analyst is a job that has very attractive salary prospects, even reaching double digits.

For a fresh graduate who has no experience, the basic salary for a business analyst is in the range of 5 million to 7 million rupiah per month.

For business analysts who already have 2 – 5 years of work experience, the salary can reach 10 million to 15 million rupiah per month.

Meanwhile, for senior business analysts with more than 5 years of experience, the salary is in the range of 15 million to 20 million rupiah per month.

Apart from work experience, a business analyst’s salary can also be influenced by the work area, work sector, and company where you work. So, MinDi friends need to check again that the salary is in line with MinDi friends’ expectations.

How to Become a Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

To become a business analyst, you need good analytical skills and business understanding.

Some of the skills that a business analyst must have are as follows.

  • • Strong business understanding: a business analyst must understand the business domain well.
  • • Problem solving and critical thinking: business analysts must be able to analyze problems neatly, by identifying problems objectively and suggesting accurate solutions.
  • • Communication and interpersonal skills: business analysts will interact a lot with stakeholders to convey recommendations for the business, so the ability to convey information is very important.
  • • Writing reports and dashboards: delivery of analysis findings must be conveyed well, so business analysts need to be able to create informative and efficient reports. Dashboard skills such as Tableau are a plus point that really helps convey information.
  • • Data processing using SQL and Ms. Excel: a business analyst is very likely to operate with large amounts of data, so understanding databases is important. Next, business analysts must be able to process data with related tools.

If MinDi friends want to become a business analyst, MinDi friends need to learn and master these skills.

MinDi Friends can train business understanding, problem solving and communication skills by participating in internships or building relationships with people who suit the business domain that MinDi Friends are aiming for.

Meanwhile, you can learn hard skills for business analysts, such as data analysis and dashboard creation, by taking classes or attending a data science bootcamp!

If MinDi friends are interested, you can take part in the Data Science Bootcamp held!

In this bootcamp, MinDi friends will learn data processing using Ms. Excel, SQL, to Python, as well as creating dashboards with Tableau! Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

Apart from that, MinDi friends will be guided by professionals who have experience in well-known companies! This is really possible, if MinDi friends want to chat or expand relationships.

How? After reading this article, MinDi friends are you interested or more determined to pursue a career as a business analyst?

Come on, together with me, let’s pursue your career as a business analyst!

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