Best Software CRM Mobile Application for Business in 2023

Software CRM Mobile – Maintaining good relations with customers is a must for businesses in the midst of today’s intense market competition. However, the practice in the field does not repeat what is imagined. Therefore, most of the businesses take advantage of technologies such as CRM Applications to manage customer relationships.

CRM software helps businesses record and store all customer interactions in one unified platform.

Thus encouraging customer satisfaction which has an impact on increasing business sales.

In the article below, we have summarized some of the best CRM software that you can use as a reference for your business. Come on, see in full!

What is meant by CRM Application?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application is a software that manages all customer interactions with a business efficiently. This software can help businesses build good relationships with customers thereby increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Another advantage of the CRM application feature is that it connects various business departments and allows them to have equal access to customer data and information. Thus, each department can provide a consistent customer experience in every interaction they have.

Best Software CRM Mobile Recommendations for 2023

Software CRM Mobile

Here we recommend the 19 best CRM application software in 2023 as follows:

1. Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak provides all-in-one CRM system software equipped with various advanced features for all business needs, including marketing, sales and customer service.

The Mekari Qontak CRM application is suitable for all types of businesses with various needs. For example, such as supporting marketing activities, increasing sales and providing better customer service.

Another advantage of the web-based CRM application is that it can interact with other business applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp Business API, Email and others.

Excellent features of the Mekari Qontak CRM software application:

  • • Flexible: The Mekari Qontak CRM application can be tailored to your needs, making it easier to manage overall activities.
  • • Personalize customer interactions: Increase customer loyalty with personalized customer service based on previous interaction history.
  • • Order & Ticket System: A feature that allows you to manage customer orders and tickets in an integrated way.
  • • Task & Activity Management: Manage all sales and customer service tasks or processes automatically.
  • • Database Management: A feature that will automatically manage data from various platforms in one unified database system.
  • • Monitor sales and customer service: Track all activity in real-time with more than 40 sales report templates that you can choose from and customize.
  • • Attendance & GPS Tracker: Encourage the productivity of the sales team by combining their tasks in real time equipped with Live GPS to ensure their position while on duty in the field.
  • • Report & Analytics: Have accurate and comprehensive sales reports to make it easier to make better decisions.
  • • Document Automation: Provide document automation and full support/service to its users.
  • • Dedicated Support: Get dedicated support for each user at an affordable price.
  • • Live Chat and Web Chat features: Can be integrated with Live Chat and Web Chat features, making it easier for customers to contact your business contacts.
  • • Data Access Hierarchy/Multi Layer Access : You can define unlimited hierarchical layers to manage data access settings that can help secure your database.
  • • Pipeline Management: Visualize sales, customer service tickets and projects in a pipeline view that can be customized as needed.
  • • Open API System: Integrate CRM software with various other types of applications to simplify business activities.
  • • Omnichannel & IP PBX Integration: The CRM application connects with the Omnichannel application and IP PBX
  • • WhatsApp integration: This feature allows you to connect CRM software with WhatsApp.
  • • Mekari Product Integration: You can integrate the Qontak CRM application with other Mekari applications, such as Accounting Software, HRIS, Tax, and e-Stamp Software.

Mekari Qontak Pros (Advantages) Mekari Qontak Disadvantages (Disadvantages)

  • • All in one solution for all customer needs (marketing, sales and service)
  • • Has concise data management features.
  • • Provide complete and accurate business reports and analysis.
  • • Has a mobile app
  • • Supports collaboration in one application.
  • • Track business performance in real time
  • • Customer support dedicated to
  • • Integrated with call center
  • • Easy integration with other Mekari products (accounting applications, Human Resources, Tax and Digital Signatures)
  • • With full feature support, Mekari Qontak only focuses on the market.

2. Sugar CRM (Software CRM Mobile)

Sugar CRM offers a suitable CRM application to serve customers (customer service). This application has features that support medium-sized businesses to provide better customer service.

Sugar CRM features are as follows:

  • • Contact & Account Management: store and manage all customer information from various channels in one database
  • • Lead Management: manage customer interactions
  • • Desktop Integration: connecting CRM applications with other platforms
  • • Customer Support Portal: provide support services when needed
  • • Reporting: displays overall business activity reports
  • Advantages of Sugar CRM (pros) Disadvantages of Sugar CRM (cons)
  • • The interface is easy to use and adaptable to business needs
  • • Providing training and support system ready to help you
  • • You can determine marketing promotions easily
  • • Not all automatic systems can work well, some have to be done manually
  • • Integration with other channels is quite complicated.
  • • Some supporting feature functions need to be improved
  • • Only focus on meeting customer service needs.

3. EngageBay

EngageBay offers a CRM application that focuses on customer service.

The features in the application help businesses increase customer satisfaction. One of them is a system that is able to provide automatic responses to customer interactions.

EngageBay features as follows:

  • • Activity Tracking: track all business activities
  • • Analytics/ROI Tracking: monitor business achievements over a certain period of time
  • • Auto-Responders: provide automatic responses to customer interactions.
  • • Automated Routing: distribute tasks automatically according to the patterns you specify previously.
  • • Automated Scheduling: schedule tasks automatically.

Advantages of EngageBay (pros) Disadvantages of EngageBay (cons)

  • • User friendly
  • • Integrated with other applications
  • • Easy to send marketing emails
  • • Does not provide additional features such as Google Meet and calendar events
  • • Mobile optimization must be done manually
  • • Does not support marketing via SMS
  • • Sometimes problems occur when using it, but guidance for resolving these problems is limited
  • • Only suitable for customer service (customer service)

4. Pipedrive

Software CRM Mobile

Pipedrive is a CRM software that is suitable for sales activities for all businesses. This application wants to save the sales team’s time when carrying out tasks, so that more sales occur.

Pipedrive features are as follows:

  • • Contact & Account Management: store and manage all customer information from various channels in one database
  • • Lead Management: manage customer interactions
  • • Desktop Integration: connecting CRM applications with other platforms
  • • Customer Support Portal: provide support services when needed
  • • Reporting: displays overall business activity reports
  • • Mobile User Support: allows you to use the Pipedrive application via a mobile device

Advantages of Pipedrive (pros) Disadvantages of Pipedrive (cons)

  • • Provide a free trial for prospective users.
  • • 24/7 Support for customers via email and chat.
  • • Can be integrated with many business channels.
  • • The price offered for the lowest plan is still quite high for a small business.
  • • Additional features offered also have a relatively expensive price.
  • • Special focus only on sales applications.

5. Keap (Software CRM Mobile)

Keap provides a suitable application for managing business sales and marketing. This CRM software makes it easy for you to organize, track, and maintain all your prospects.

Keap features are as follows:

  • • Pre-built reminders: send notification messages for incomplete task reminders
  • • Automated emails: send emails automatically
  • • Keeps calls and messages separate: the customer’s call lines and message services are separated
  • • Automated follow-up: makes it easier for the team to follow up prospects automatically.

Advantages of Keap (pro) Disadvantages of Keap (cons)

  • • End-to-end automation solutions
  • • Customize sales and marketing flows
  • • Equipped with features to move leads easily
  • • System customization takes longer
  • • The price offered is relatively high
  • • There are additional costs such as for customization
  • • This application is only for marketing and sales

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